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3vs3 World Cup Groups!!!

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1 3vs3 World Cup Groups!!! on Thu Jul 01, 2010 12:48 pm

3vs3 World Cup Groups

Argentina Group A Team 1
For Klozet Group A Team 2
Team Shire Group A Team 3
SRR Group A Team 4
SURVIVOR Group A Team 5
Team V| Group A Team 6

RotN Group B Team 1
Project X Group B Team 2
WSW Group B Team 3
Ash Nazg Group B Team 4
Team N00B Gruup B Team 5
BR Noobs Group B Team 6

DumbledoresArmy Group C Team 1
NFL Group C Team 2
GG| Group C Team 3
roi`crew|gaming Group C Team 4
nubfishfillets Group C Team 5
Brazil Group C Team 6

AiNoDigoR | Group D Team 1
KS| Group D Team 2
GTW Group D Team 3
FU| Group D Team 4
Prolish masters Group D Team 5

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Game on cheers

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