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2vs2 World Cup Groups

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1 2vs2 World Cup Groups on Wed Aug 11, 2010 9:15 pm


Noob & Noober Group A Team 1
Double Dragon Group A Team 2
Eye Of Tiger Group A Team 3
We Like Play Group A Team 4
CoceOwns Group A Team 5

Brazil Noobs Group B Team 1
Super Girls Group B Team 2
Donut Hunters Group B Team 3
Old School Brazilian Pros Group B Team 4
Dark Side Group B Team 5

England Group C Team 1
XXL Group C Team 2
Ash Nazg Group C Team 3
Have Fun Group C Team 4
WSW Group C Team 5

RotN Group D Team 1
Australia Group D Team 2
Double Bouble Group D Team 3
Bernbards Group D Team 4
roi`crew| Group D Team 5

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